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Verbero Duro Inline Hockey Puck


The Duro Puck is the best option for ice players looking to keep their hands soft when not on the ice or for inline players looking for a heavier, more traditional feel. The heavier weight—comparable to an ice puck—appeals to ice players and inline players looking for greater training effectiveness.

The Duro performs on a variety of surfaces and is designed to last. Its replaceable, flat runners perform on a variety of surfaces and comes with two sets of replacement runners. The versatility of this puck make it the go-to puck for both inline and ice players.

Verbero™ Duro Puck Features
  • ConstructionMade of high quality PVC plastic for best durability.Featuring five easily replaceable runners on each side, this puck keeps gliding like new with minimum base wear down.  
  • Ideal UsesHeavier than traditional inline pucks, it’s perfect as a weighted training puck for inline hockey or for off-the-ice training.

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