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Verbero Powerplay Hockey Equipment Starter Kit


Our Powerplay Kit includes the necessary protection gear for novice Ice and Inline Hockey players. Designed with the latest technology, this set will help keep a young player safe during games and practice. The anatomical construction of the protective gear makes it comfortable to wear, while offering maximum protection for the player. 

The set includes:
  • Ice Hockey Gloves. Protect wrists from injury without hindering movement and dexterity.
  • Elbow Pads. Protect elbows from falls or side-on impacts.
  • Shin and Knee Pads. Protect the lower leg and knee from from injury. The side of the knee joint is specially protected, to reduce potential injuries from side-on impacts.
  • Chest shield. Protects the chest and back. These are made from double-density foam for enhanced protection, with impact resistant plastic shoulder pads to protect the shoulder bones.
  • Hockey Pants. For heightened side-on protection of the torso and a rigid plastic insert cov

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